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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 11  CBS  March 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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third they say something needed to be done so together they stepped up to do it. how one bay area neighborhood is fighting prostitution. the city of oakland faces another multimillion-dollar lawsuits the connection between this case and oscar grants. it consulting, and humiliating. only 4 ft. 11 but a
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giant among men and women with this woman did that no other has done before. the van can best yet. they say it is happening out in the open so that is where they took their protest. how neighbors standing up to prostitution. theyre the newest enemies of the world's oldest profession. about a dozen demonstrators marched along first street in downtown san is day protesting the increase in prostitution that a string of cheap motels and i think literally in the car to get money and offered to the prostitutes and their standing right here. the first covered the story back in august when police said because of cutbacks they can only focus on violent crime. susie's not my job. did ways to deny the protesters target is
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has a lawn would your message to the city attorney? to this job. is the attorney says he will consider filing a nuisance lawsuit against the taliban who can build a case against the hotel and that is a gift. into to a prostitute that is walking the streets and it's we're not getting any violent crime at the area or multiple game shootings are stabbings going down one night will focus on the shootings and stabbings and hotel spokesperson didn't want to show her face say they've been working with police in claims that as the any activity for weeks. people of companies and they come here with their children. targeting motel owners is the lid strategy to be back prostitution. taken the fight to the bedroom. instead as a cbs
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five. brogan bathrooms are just the beginning of a flight at sfo passengers and today is that alaska enroute to shanghai united airlines every flight 857 to encourage three hours after takeoff from sfo because of a lack of bathrooms. first-class business caugh site at to economy class is broken the next day passengers boarded a different plane but that one's cooling fan wasn't working so they stepped off the plane and spent another night in alaska and they finally departed for shanghai today and united are the traveler's hotel rooms, meal vouchers and refunds. a bay area man was on a caribbean cruise when armed police took him off the cheap shot and arrested him his one of two men in custody after the boats pulled into port and demanded that many countries most nobly
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jamaica have the reputation of intolerance. allows the cup explains. it's spring break but for two men this dream crews turned into a nightmare. did we ever shocked and outraged. it's john decline of eight travel company that organizes gay cruises says he at least 20 clients on a cruise to the minute that. the fact is that gay people go to all these places. and and most of the time there is no issue according to police the two men were arrested for suspicion of indecent exposure and to but the island calls blubbery after someone caught them having sex in dominica buggery or sodomy is illegal. it's like a few were in a hotel room somewhere and maybe he had a window open somebody might see you this fat
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constitutes indecent exposure? out of things up. we'll he predicts the rest of the doubt for a similar is 1998 when the cayman islands would not allow gay cruises to dock in airport. a few years later grant came and apologized and now very much welcomes day cruises the very public. klein calls the buggery law an unfortunate trend of the past and he hopes to make the realizes that they could be using precious tourism business if they don't change. the battle plays. that was the decision the get away of that. when the men does have an address in redwood city they appear before the magistrate tomorrow and if found guilty there could be fined $370 each and face up to six months
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in jail. sure frost mercury with official misconduct today and suspended him from office and san franciscans are telling our careening just go. an exclusive eyewitness news poll if you tonight 72% only 22 percent say he should remain share of. mercury's of refusal to resign as not playing well. he should take steps to remove him mayor li is coming out on top in this fight 66% of his suspension is the first rush terrace apartments ended quickly brought up another during such time as the old office of a share for the city and county of san francisco city and is seeking
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out of retirement to assume the role of acting sheriff this afternoon the san francisco native and 35 year bond force and that iran is the first woman to hold that office. hundreds of people wearing hedy's gathered in honor of 17 year-old it trade on martin he was not armed and wearing a heavy when neighbor had watched george zimmerman confronted him. zimmerman has not been charged. because that's the didn't to trade on martin the bottom line is picture about martin was profiled for his collar for his image for rain and heavy. zimmerman claims that the team attacked him and he pulled out a gun and shot him is in self-defense. a multimillion-
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dollar federal lawsuit over police abuse led to court monitoring of the all but oakland police department's tonight the city is in legal trouble again facing a $10 million lawsuit to again accused of excessive force. and as robert lyles tells us the family ties in this lawsuit make this case even more provocative. there's a coverup. they're trying to get their story together he is not mincing words about the officer involved shooting at 67 homan avenue east oakland issue in his last 24 year-old tony ray jones behind bars. and confined to a wheelchair because it is hard for him to walk he has bladder problems because he was shot and is low back. it's a scenario all too familiar to jones who is the first cousin a loss for grant shot in the back on a platform. what we're seeking is $10 million in damages and justice against both the city of oakland and oakland police officer cesar garcia he says he tried to make
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a traffic stop ave speed and we witnessed cody jones leap from the man garcia at a foot chase saw a gun in his hands and fired into his back. not possible says nagoya a short street with speed bumps. so if the van and was involved in this incident was involved in highways be the they don't claim the robbery victim officer garcia before the shot that led to the back did not move once more the robbery suspect does not match tony jones and neither does the victim's description of the gun allegedly in jones's hands. the fact that he saw revolvers and the police reports founds a semiautomatic 9 mm which is this done.
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at the alameda county da's sticking by that accounts and even sent us these documents showing that jones was convicted of armed robbery age 14 even gas the peace officer during his 10 years behind bars. but where is the semiautomatic ended the d.a. finds jones prints? what we've gotten back from him is that the lab was too busy now consider this these reports show the first officer to arrive at the shooting scene as officer garcia's own brother. did waves to to officers the two brothers did have the same trip to the share the same patrol area? and backed blues records confirmed an officer noticed him at the shooting one has been asked to immediately leave to avoid any conflict of interest but the same report suggests the brothers may have been together as many as four hours before being asked to leave oakland police were contacted tonight and they did not respond to requests for comment on the story. so this man is the
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suspect the only one minute? is there a potential witness? for reasons that have not been determined to that we're told the police had a tag number the never contacted the driver to get their state #nonsense. robert lisle think you. the nfl is handing out unprecedented penalties for a bounty program the week says that sent the scenes to not opposing players out of games among the suspended the team's head coach and general manager of the cbs evening news scott pelly ask the host of the nfl today why the penalties are so severe. the essence of the situation he runs the show with
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this system is bound to programs in place effectively lied about its when the commissioner it led authorities to so that explains why the penalty was so severe. we only heard about management today while no decision on the players? the commissioner is doing his best work with the nfl players association and coming up with what he feels and they feel collectively is a fair punishment but rest assured that is to to come in terms of those players who have been clearly identified who participated in the bounty program there will be some punishment forthcoming. you have been talking to a lot of household names around late today both present and former i wonder how this is being received. they absolutely a great with the commissioner's decision this goes directly it clear safety and integrity of the game and they couldn't agree more with the commissioner's decision. in the commissioner has the team's third not offering
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bounties coming up is a pretty tight squeeze another might never seen before. we are out on water is a massive ships sailed into the bay. the big test happen tomorrow. still considered a novelty. room as she says she has never backed off from a fight. the woman making history in the u.s. senate. al pacino is a wild and san francisco. third in a
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historic day on san francisco they take a look at some of the biggest ships to ever pass under the golden gate bridge and arrive late this afternoon to give you any idea and of how big this thing is a took a solid minutes for the pass underneath the deck crowds gathered on a bridge just to catch the show and i got a pretty look myself. we're looking at right now the fatty all up. not only the
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largest ship in san francisco bay it the largest of the north america. if you stretch those containers out and and there would stretch about 50 mi. 146,000 t. did we the ship unloaded and reloaded at oakland's before heading back to asia tomorrow and as you might imagine not one bit of that job is going to be easy in the ship leaves it will have to make a very tight turn with some of tugs and the port of oakland. with just 150 the despair. she's been there later that moment in any other woman is the longest serving woman in the fist history united states the senators tail and her own words. senator barbara says that for women congress was a different world when she arrived more than 35 years ago. when i came to the house
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and even to the senate's women were still considered a novelty. we were greeted with skepticism. even so she says she never felt intimidated and at 4 ft. 11 in. tall she has never backed off from a fight. i challenge them right here, right now. today with this amendment. what an insult syncom humiliating thing to say. york use by your husband and then you are used by your insurance company. what makes you proud is about your tenure in the house? would make the promises the fact that the way i've tried to stand up for people to says she learned how to do that's growing up in the east baltimore where her father owned a small store every day my father would open the store and say good morning can i help you we saw ourselves as part of a community that's everybody in that neighborhood it was part of our family. interoffice she keeps a
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reminder the dining room table for marsalis the room. it here to think about the people think about what they're doing with their dining room tables. she says she's especially proud of the increased number and power of women in the senate and you can see that she is there 17 of us. to help women senators of both parties get off on the right floods because at 75 she is showing no signs of slowing down. cbs news at capital hill hall with the castro tonight cast as the air hose did the premier of while that slumming it the documentary celebrating oscar wilde. that's movie was directed by al pacino who also
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stars in the film and guess he was here? he explains why he chose to have a movie premiere at the castro theater. it was new year's eve is seemed like a good idea of the time. i got started in and once i knew i didn't know what was doing it just kept at it. because there was no what is it? persists in their folly. as the same the event was sold out to the tickets cost 25 bucks with proceeds benefiting the historical society. well be right back.
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welcome back to eyewitness news today we had 58 degrees in half moon bay to 78 degrees and gilroy a and l r live with the weather camera looking out toward coy tower and a mostly cloudy skies except for the coastal stratus that continues
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to build along immediate seashores in order to the bay of this is your future cast and very have its. and a friend passing to the bay area for the morning commute to meeting is with just a hit and miss scattered otherwise to do crowds to partly cloudy conditions on what happens in the second system this one much more powerful contains heavier rain and gusty winds that and to wash out any outdoor activity plans you have on saturday and the system right here we have an unsubtle their mass. even a possibility of a thunderstorm. if the overnight system even the roadways will dampen the morning commutes by one to share that with you this is of five camera get a looking out for the golden gate bridge in stockton with light rain overnight over soured tomorrow otherwise cloudy and
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cool under a literal way through the weekend after forties' overnight tonight to '50s and '60s for daytime highest, the forecast calls through cool temperatures on friday on settle their masses on sunday for that possibility of a thunderstorm and another system by next tuesday and wednesday they have it and went forecast at dennison sports up next.
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house the quarterback carousel
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ride is over. peyton manning is a bronco tim cboe has been traded to the jets that fly and is in seattle and alex smith is right back race started smith and the team finalizes a three- year deal reportedly worth up to $33 million dollars including incentives the same three-year offer that had been on the table since the end of the season. get away to is a crazy time. i was offended about anything. i would relish the opportunity to the starting quarterback job to compete with big manning a certain was offended by anything that went on. wars in new orleans murky germy tyler belong to the golden state's rookie.
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for a career high 27 ravages 20 points per game says lillian to the starting lineup where the and now warrior fans. i should is said that. the sisters are in house to check out the man seen as nevada the buble the second half next to a 22 run capped off stanford beats nv 8456 and went there in madison square garden for the final four. the stanford women are hard at work are in for the sweet 16 but they did make some time to celebrate her birthday and she begins tonight top five. the waves i specifically what always the same country the crazy but of course the most of the force with a whole bunch of people to football basketball my personal friends the other team they all came with cake. it is a nice steady break.
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the camouflaged jersey's council passes batiste account them. hearst owns or 29,000 points, and present in those two. the lakers beat the masses. she's going down. it's a good thing she didn't miss the pins because of this ban on the number one. is an excellent move. you want to be hitting those pins
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with your backside. the ways where holly.
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